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sow lower <br /> Parks, Recreation and Beautification Commission Regular Meeting <br /> Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 6:00 PM <br /> Pismo Beach Council Chambers <br /> Mattie Road, Pismo Beach, CA <br /> AGENDA <br /> 1. Call to Order <br /> 2. Oath of Office: Debra Early, Michael Devine and Sandra Gore-Nielsen <br /> 3. Roll Call: Chair: Ron Rodriguez <br /> Vice-Chair: Sandra Gore-Nielsen <br /> Commissioners: Debra Early <br /> Michael Devine <br /> Susan Fulton <br /> 4. Election of Officers: Chair: <br /> Co-Chair: <br /> 5. Approval of Meeting Minutes: <br /> 5A. February 7, 2019 Special Meeting <br /> 6. Public Comments: Public comments are welcome on matters not appearing on the New <br /> Business agenda but are within the City's jurisdiction. Be aware that State law prohibits the <br /> Commission from making any decision on issues not on the agenda. <br /> ❖ Unduly disruptive behavior will not be permitted; <br /> ❖ Please limit your comments to 3 minutes and direct your comments to the entire <br /> Commission; <br /> ❖ In response to your comments, the Chair or presiding Commission Member may direct <br /> City staff to assist you after the meeting or place your issue on a future Commission <br /> agenda; <br /> ❖ For purposes of meeting recording, please use the microphone at all times. <br /> 7. Business Items: <br /> 7A. Review of Revised By-Laws — City Clerk Erica Inderlied <br /> Recommendation: Information only. <br /> Thursday, March 7, 2019 Parks, Recreation and Beautification Commission Meeting Page 1 of 2 <br />