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Correspondence and Supplements[Icon]
11.A Report Progress on FY 2018 & 2019 City Goals 2019-01-15[Icon] 12 Agenda Packet
11.B Report Goal-Setting Input Report Fiscal Years 2020-2021 2019-01-15[Icon] 28 Agenda Packet
11.C Report Water, Wastewater, Storm Water Rate Direction 2019-01-15[Icon] 83 Agenda Packet
11.D Report Fire Department Biannual Report 2019-01-15[Icon] 3 Agenda Packet
11.E Report Quincy Engineering Amendment 4 Bello Bridge Project 2019-01-15[Icon] 40 Agenda Packet
11.F Report Suspension of In Lieu Parking Program 2019-01-15[Icon] 7 Agenda Packet
11.G Report Smoking Prohibition Options 2019-01-15[Icon] 19 Agenda Packet
2019-01-15 Action Update[Icon] 3 Agenda Packet
2019-01-15 Agenda Regular Packet[Icon] 285 Agenda Packet
3.A Proclamation Bob Barstow Retirement 2019-01-15[Icon] 1 Agenda Packet
8.A Report Minutes 2019-01-15[Icon] 13 Agenda Packet
8.B Report Approval of Registers 2019-01-15[Icon] 7 Agenda Packet
8.C Report - Monthly Activity Reports 2019-01-15[Icon] 32 Agenda Packet
8.D Report 2nd Quarter FY19 Paid Parking 2019-01-15[Icon] 3 Agenda Packet
8.E Report Annual Investment Policy 2019-01-15[Icon] 16 Agenda Packet
8.F Report 2018-11 Investment Monthly Transaction Report 2019-01-15[Icon] 6 Agenda Packet
8.G Report WSC Contract Amendment 2 Lift Station CM 2019-01-15[Icon] 8 Agenda Packet
8.H Report Annual Pavement Cut Moratorium Streets List 2019-01-15[Icon] 2 Agenda Packet
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