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Correspondence and Supplements[Icon]
10.A Attachment 8 140 Addie Street Plans and Color Boards 2018-12-04[Icon] 6 Agenda Packet
10.A Report 140 Addie Street Koligian CDP Appeal 2018-12-04[Icon] 65 Agenda Packet
10.B Report 2019 CDBG Action Plan 2018-12-04[Icon] 55 Agenda Packet
11.A Report Thorn Run Fed Legislative Platform & Contract 2018-12-04[Icon] 36 Agenda Packet
2018-12-04 Action Update[Icon] 3 Agenda Packet
2018-12-04 Agenda Regular[Icon] 5 Agenda Packet
2018-12-04 Agenda Regular Packet Reduced[Icon] 338 Agenda Packet
3.B Report Certification of Election Results 2018-12-04[Icon] 34 Agenda Packet
3.C Report Oath of Office for New Members 2018-12-04[Icon] 1 Agenda Packet
3.D Report Selection of Mayor Pro Tem 2018-12-04[Icon] 1 Agenda Packet
8.A Report Minutes 2018-12-04[Icon] 11 Agenda Packet
8.B Report Approval of Registers 2018-12-04[Icon] 7 Agenda Packet
8.C Report - Monthly Activity Reports 2018-12-04[Icon] 34 Agenda Packet
8.D Report Setting 2019 Meeting Schedule 2018-12-04[Icon] 5 Agenda Packet
8.E Report Emergency Proclamation Update 2018-12-04[Icon] 3 Agenda Packet
8.F Report NOC Pier Rehabilitation 2018-12-04[Icon] 2 Agenda Packet
8.G Report Investment Monthly Transaction Report 2018-09 2018-12-04[Icon] 6 Agenda Packet
8.H Report FY 2019 Q1 Investment 2018-12-04[Icon] 12 Agenda Packet
8.I Report Purchase IT Storage from Lanair Group 2018-12-04[Icon] 6 Agenda Packet
8.J Report Purchase Sewage Pumps from Flo-Systems 2018-12-04[Icon] 6 Agenda Packet
8.K Report CITIG Contract Extension #2 for IT Services 2018-12-04[Icon] 49 Agenda Packet
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