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Parks, Recreation, and Beautification Commission Special Meeting <br /> Thursday, November 8, 2018 <br /> Pismo Beach Council Chambers <br /> 760 Mattie Road, Pismo Beach, CA <br /> MINUTES <br /> 1.Call to Order: Chair Rodriguez called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM. <br /> 2.Roll Call: <br /> Commissioners Present: Rodriguez, Nielsen, Canigiula <br /> Commissioners Absent: Fulton, Johnston <br /> Staff Present: Colleen Cashmore-Ghiglia, Recreation Manager; Kathy Schwartz, <br /> Minutes Clerk <br /> 3.Approval of Meeting Minutes: <br /> 3A. October 4, 2018 Special Meeting Minutes <br /> Motion by Commissioner Cangiula, seconded by Vice-Chair Nielsen to <br /> approve the October 4, 2018 Special Meeting minutes with minor corrections. <br /> Motion passed by roll call vote 3-0. <br /> AYES: 3 Canigiula, Nielsen, Rodriguez <br /> NOES: 0 <br /> ABSENT: 2 Fulton, Johnston <br /> 4.Public Comments: <br /> None. <br /> 5.Business Items: <br /> 5A. Shell Beach Streetscape Decorative Tiles <br /> Recreation Manager Colleen Ghiglia presented the item, commenting that the <br /> artists (Fred & Donnell Pasion) will be present tonight. <br /> Vice-Chair Nielsen shared Fred and Donell Pasion's background and noted that <br /> each street will have their own tile motif. <br /> Fred and Donell Pasion brought an example of the mosaic tiles they created. They <br /> answered questions by Commissioners. <br />