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Correspondence and Supplements[Icon]
10.A Report Introduction of Accessory Dwelling Unit ADU Ordinances 2018-08-07[Icon] 35 Agenda Packet
11.A Report Outside Funding Requests FY 2019 2018-08-07[Icon] 58 Agenda Packet
11.B Report Safety Center Conceptual Design 2018-08-07[Icon] 94 Agenda Packet
11.C Report Mid-Cycle Budget Adjustments 2018-08-07[Icon] 34 Agenda Packet
2018-08-07 Action Update[Icon] 4 Agenda Packet
2018-08-07 Agenda Regular[Icon] 7 Agenda Packet
2018-08-07 Agenda Regular Packet[Icon] 551 Agenda Packet
8.A Report Minutes 2018-08-07[Icon] 12 Agenda Packet
8.B Report Approval of Registers 2018-08-07[Icon] 16 Agenda Packet
8.C Report - Monthly Activity Reports 2018-08-07[Icon] 34 Agenda Packet
8.D Report Emergency Proclamation Update 2018-06-05[Icon] 3 Agenda Packet
8.E Report Investment Monthly Transactions May and June 2018 2017-08-07[Icon] 12 Agenda Packet
8.F Report FY 18 Q4 Financial Status Update 2018-08-07[Icon] 16 Agenda Packet
8.G Report FY 18 Q4 Investment 2018-08-07[Icon] 11 Agenda Packet
8.H Report Title XVI Water SMART Funding Commitment 2018-08-07[Icon] 109 Agenda Packet
8.I Report Animal Shelter Agreement Amendment No 1 2018-08-07[Icon] 20 Agenda Packet
8.J Report Figtree PACE Program 2018-08-07[Icon] 18 Agenda Packet
8.K Report Pavement Cut Moratorium Amendment Ordinance 2nd Reading 2018-08-07[Icon] 10 Agenda Packet
8.L Report Jet Ski Exception for Still Frothy Event 2018-08-07[Icon] 9 Agenda Packet
8.M Report Contract for Purchase of New Fire Vehicle FD141 2018-08-07[Icon] 13 Agenda Packet
8.N Report NOC Pismo Vets Hall Parking Lot Paving 2018-07-08[Icon] 3 Agenda Packet
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